Saturday, May 21, 2011

Optimus 2X – Doubling the Possibility

LG claims that they are the first to launch a dual-core smartphone when it announced its flagship phone, the Optimus 2X. This phone's clock, together with Froyo on its platform, can really handle graphics and videos with ease. If I would have to make an analogy, this is comparable to a formidable tank with two guns on top. On the battle field of high-end phones... this can really do damage. LG claims that it is fast and without any lags when it comes to multitasking which is not impossible with its gear.

Camera renders picture quality at 8 megapixels but it still lacks the easy camera button. Utilizing capacitive touchscreen technology to the fullest including the four touch buttons, the screen has a saturated and vivid display but not that impressive as Retina Display of Samsung Galaxy.

You can get this at Php 22,990.00 Here is a demo for the interface:

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