Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Special Features of your Android Browsers

Know how your browser position themselves in the arena. Can they outrun each other? Lets see and decide for yourself on which to use...

The built-in browser by google is fast enough and can satisfy any android user out there. But there's too many better option to choose from in the android market and you'll be left hanging asking which one is the best?

The Opera Mini created by the partnership of Opera Software and Google and was released in 1996. From then on, Opera Mini became popular for its speed. Opera mini get its speed by prefetching the content using a proxy server by Opera Software server itself, then it is compressed before sending it to your mobile devices. This process shortens the time in loading pages two to three times (credit to Wikipedia). But the rendering of pictures on a page is blurry compared to HD Dolphin loaded pages. And also Opera Mini doesn't support pinch to zoom but instead users can double tap in zooming in and out of the pages.

HD Dolphin browser. What I love from this browser is the tabbed navigation and gesture recognitionGesture recognition makes browsing swift in switching sites to another after creating and assigning gestures to your favorite sites. It supports both multi-touch and double tap in zooming web pages. It even has themes to choose from making your browser more personalized. 

Here is a video that shows the features and what Dolphin can realy do:

Fennec/Mozilla Firefox came out with the idea of bringing the functionality of plug-ins and add-ons to mobile users. Sadly if your up to speed this would not be perfect for you. Nevertheless, its highlights are firefox sync (means that it can load pages that are open in your computer or other devices), long tap (means that it can share the URL of the page to social networks), and personas (just like in your desktop, this browser can dress up). But this 15 MB download file size is kinda large compared to HD Dolphin of 2.07 MB only.

Another thing that could deter you from using this is that, unlike Skyfire, it can't play Flash videos with respect to android system.

Skyfire 2.0 is another good option if you love surfing and watching videos over the net. This offers much more web video than any browser. If the page you're loading has a web video, skyfire will automatically detect it and will notify you on the Skybar that the video is ready to play (connection dependent). And another cool about this browser is that it has Visual Multi-tab Browsing which shows up to 8 open pages. According toWikipediathis browser renders requested web page on a proprietary server and relays it to the browser on the end user's mobile phone which displays the content which poses a potential security risk. But according to SkyfireLabs, pages are fetched directly from the internet (proxy-less). This issue has yet to be resolved. Anyway, enough with the which-is-which to rely with.

Here's the video uploaded by SkyfireLabs:

Each of the browsers has their own special feature and it all depends on you on which you appreciate. Choose your pick and enjoy your browsing.

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