Sunday, August 26, 2012

Radiant Defense

Addicted to strategy games? Well this one is a must try. A time killer that offers an eye candy (as the name suggests) environment and fun to play. Defend your self from aliens getting to your spiral.

Just like any defense system, this one starts with easier waves and increases the level of difficulty as your stage goes on. One thing not to forget is upgrade your towers which increases both accuracy and RPM of the guns. Every wave of aliens coming from vortexes varies as different kind of aliens with different kind of attributes passes through your lair. From simpleton to heavy armored giant alien.

This app can be downloaded free and you can later on buy upgrade packages so that other guns will be available for use e.g. fire turret and grenade launcher.

Let me know if you want to have the full version.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

SetCPU for Dual Core Phones

2? You can now even get 4 i.e. chipset on your phones. I think all of us smart phone users can say that battery life for these gadgets isn’t somehow good. I know that manufacturers are trying to address this concern by increasing the phones battery capacity.

One solution is to deliberately underclocking your phones CPU thereby reducing battery demand. Well, this could probably work if you’re not that heavy user. Thankfully, SetCPU now supports dual core devices.

Please refer to SetCPU: Setting your CPU for the features and how to use.

You can get these for free here or if you want to donate here.

Note: This app requires root access.

Optimus 2X ICS Update

I, myself personally owns an LG P990 (popularly known as Optimus 2X). It has been a roller coaster ride hearing news from Update announcement in 2011, LG Canada making some ruckus by officially denying along other Optimus phones, ICS update, and now reconfirmation from LG Korea and LG Singapore.

I am one of those who had been itching to get the taste of ice cream sandwich on my Optimus 2X. So I had mine rooted and installed custom ROM (Self Kang). It is admittedly an incomplete ROM since it is in Beta version having some of bugs and glitches.

First of all, LG may not be the best at taking care and value customers when it comes to after sales services. Unlike LG, Samsung and HTC get their phones updated ahead other phone manufacturers. Now, customers would be thinking twice if they will buy an LG phone considering that there is a fast pace update from Google.

Still hoping for the update. (Fingers crossed)

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