Saturday, May 21, 2011

Slice your way through Fruit Ninja or have Slice Fuit for Free

It finally hit the android world, the Fruit Ninja. This addictive game involves lots of splats and squish of the different fruit variants.

Let's get Bump!

Literally bumping your phones to share contacts, photos, and apps is really cool. Platforms that can use Bumptm are Android, iPhone, iPod and iPad making sharing between platforms possible.

Desirable HTC Desire S

HTC had been making a strong impression of having their phones sturdy (Aluminum unibody) and solid without trading off the phones lightweight. HTC Desire without a doubt has the classy look. Strong hardware built-up, HTC sense and Gingerbread on-board complete the concuction to have us wanting for it.


This app has been very helpful with its functionality of having your phone turned into pseudo scanner. And the good thing is you dont have to pay for it – its free!

Optimus 2X – Doubling the Possibility

LG claims that they are the first to launch a dual-core smartphone when it announced its flagship phone, the Optimus 2X. This phone's clock, together with Froyo on its platform, can really handle graphics and videos with ease. If I would have to make an analogy, this is comparable to a formidable tank with two guns on top. On the battle field of high-end phones... this can really do damage. LG claims that it is fast and without any lags when it comes to multitasking which is not impossible with its gear.

The Bright Optimus Black

Another franchise out of the LG's Optimus is the Optimus Black. This may not be a dual core powered gadget but with its clock ticking on with 1 Ghz, its more than enough for an average user. With LG's effort it is said that this is the slimmest phone so far. A 9.2 mm thin bar holds a 2 GB internal memory and 512 RAM. 

LG Optimus One on Hand

LG has never failed its customers to be surprised and satisfy by its world-standard product. Optimus One is my first android phone I owned. From being a symbian user (N73), I could say it was really an improvement of me. It delivered more than I expected from its price tag.

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