Saturday, July 2, 2011

Custom ROM LG Optimus One

They said like the Apple did, the main weakness of the android OS is of being an open system. Its actually the contrary. Many are opting the android system be it as the user or developer. Like myself I never regret of purchasing my android gadget, flashing it with custom ROM and tweaking it to overclock. Choose your ROM.

Disclaimer: Proceed at your own peril. I will not be liable for any bricked phone.

The following procedures is relatively the same as my previous post Flashing Cyanogenmod so I will not make this as detailed to avoid redundancy. It is a requirement to root your phone with z4root, install Android SDK, and Custom Recovery.

  1. Download ROM. Choose any of the following developed by people at xda forums.
    void ROM (can be customized)
    Megatron v1 (powerful ROM)
  2. Do a Titanium backup if you want to restore your applications. You can download it from the android market.
  3. After booting into recovery mode (please refer to my post). Always do NAND backup especially if your upgrading from Froyo to your chosen custom ROM.
  4. Wipe your cache, userdata, sd-ext, android_secure and Dalvik-cache.
  5. Flash the zip file of your chosen ROM. Then reboot.

In case you didn't get any part of my steps, visit my post for the detailed procedure and in lieu of cyanogen zip file replace it with the ROM you've downloaded here. Enjoy your ROM!

Here are some sample images for those ROMs:

  • AmberHome

  • PrimeV2

  • Megatron

  • VoidROM

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