Thursday, August 25, 2011

Primadesk APK

Twitters, Facebook, Email, Flickr, and etc. whatever you may have, Primadesk can handle all of them and manage it for you. It can even transfer your photos from one social media to another e.g. FB to Twitters.  Get to know what this free app can offer you.

Flash Player for Optimus One

At the time I bought my Optimus One, I know that the phone is not flash-capable (though its platform at launch is Froyo already). But when I was doing a whimsical searches including “flash player LG Optimus One”, there is this thread at XDA forum that there is one compatible and designed for the chipset ARM11.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Launcher 7 APK, Have a taste of Windows Phone UI on your Android

WP7 UI onto Android platform.

There will always be this day that you will just get bored with something (This is called Law of Marginal Returns). In an effort to spice things up, I’ve tried launchers on my Android and what caught my attention is Launcher 7 which really does a good job at emulating Windows Phone UI. While some of you would just want to have a taste of Windows Phone but don’t wanna leave their Android experience, this app is made for you.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Google Buying Motorola, Googorola or Motoogle, Which should be it?

Google is to buy Motorola Mobility for 12.5 Billion Dollars, mobile phone division. Google’s reason? To protect Android from patent attacks. How? Motorola phones existent since 1973 has 17,000 telecommunication technology patents 7,500 on the process. These will provide Google a barrier from those patent sues.

Flud news APK is now on Android Market

It is these days that iOS applications are transcribing into the Android platform for the app reach its maximum audience or user. Examples are Fruit ninja, Taptap Revenge and now Flud News.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Idol Steve Kondik has been Pirated by SAMSUNG

I think I must have been expecting this from Samsung’s gesture of giving free flagship phones to few people in the modding community (probably to lure them in vying offerers). Though I am using a ROM created by MIK, but Hey Steve Kondik is the founder, the starter of the MODs which I should be grateful of.

Google’s Crunching on Tablet’s Market Share

After triumphing phone’s arena, Google has started entering the tablet market by snatching 20 percent of it from iPad’s collective share for the past twelve months. This is according to ABI Research. Android’s tablet market share grew 10 fold in the fourth quarter, talk about booming.

Offline Maps on Google Maps 5.7

Who would not want to view a map when exigencies arise anytime without the need of connection?  It seems that Google listened to users request for downloadable maps. This development would be highly appreciated especially by heavy travelers.

Get Connected with Skype APK

Isn’t wonderful to talk to your loved ones not only verbally but also you can see their face at the same time. And what’s best is that it’s free. Try skype-ing now.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Cut the Rope APK A Must-Have App

This one is just fresh from the Market created by Zeptolab that puts you into your thinking cap with your objective to feed your pet Om Nom with a sweet treat. This adorable little critter will be just sitting around for you make a way to put the candy into his mouth. What a lazy pet he is.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

How to Root Gingerbread Upgraded LG Optimus One - By Downgrading to Froyo

Rooting is only applicable for those devices with Froyo version as of now. So if you had flashed the Official Gingerbread to your Optimus One, what we have to do is to downgrade your firmware back to Froyo firmware. By the way I reverted back to Cyanogen because tweaks were absent.

Protect your Android and You with Antivirus APK’s

Whenever a new technology gets developed, crooks are always on the wait to strike. Because of the openness characteristics and its popularity, Androids are becoming the targets of cybercriminals. Good thing mobile security developers are here to offer you enough assurance to shield you from these cyber crooks.

Threats to Android? What are those?

The proliferation of android devices, from phones to tablets, does come without any restrictions, in this case Malwares. With its openness and cybercriminals at large, androids are becoming an eye candy to them. Know what you can do to prevent these creeps from you mobile uses.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Movie Rental and eBooks Fresh on Android Market

If you are already done with applications and things just feel the same old stories, try watching movies on your gadget or at your TV as the case maybe. Or simply have the peace of serenity while reading books that suit your taste.

Scrolling into the Movies you’ll notice that each one has a varying rate (I wish it has some free rentals just like free apps). Thirty days are given for you to view the movie you’ve downloaded (but not limited to one viewing) which starts from the first time you open and watch it. A requirement though to do this is the official Google app “Videos.” Download it here. If your phone supports HDMI you can watch it on the big screen.
Let’s move onto books. What I hate about physical books is that it’s an additional hassle that can add up to your stress. Thankfully eBooks are here. With the same manner on how the apps and games are organized, ebooks can be viewed in the category of top selling or top free. After downloading a book you’ll need the official Google “Books” to open it start reading. You can download it here.

A bottle of emotion awaits, enjoy movie rentals and books at its best at the palm of your hands.

Reasons to Replace your iPhone with an Android

Okay, if somebody gave you an iPhone and Google bribe you with an Android device, what’s your going to be your call? I’ll present points why you should ditch your iPhone with an Android.

How to Install the Official Gingerbread to LG Optimus One

Want the official Gingerbread Firmware from LG? Get it here and learn how to install it to your phone.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

New Android Market APK Download Here

Above is the new look of Android Market straight from my phone. The verdict? Google made a total overhaul and made an enticing looks for the app buyers to navigate into.

Got a Song? Make a Ringtone Out of it with Ringdroid APK

Globe and Smart even offer to their subscribers ringing tones which are already shortened. This is for those who didn’t know that Ringdroid exist. With this app, you can have those offered for free and tailor them at your will and taste. Plus you can make notification sounds and assign them as your message tone.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cyanogen is Cooking a Custom ROM to Sony Ericson Xperia Play, Neo, and Arc

The modding community is prepping its ROM designed for Xperia Play, Neo, and Arc. Ain’t that a good news for Xperia owners. Now you can enjoy the tweaks and custom visuals that Cyanogens brings.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Transitioning from iPhone to Android

When looking at an iPhone and an Android phones these days, it seems that each of its hardwares and OS looks are almost at par. But you’ll never know the differences once you get to use one of each. Aside from being a closed system, iPhone has an almost strict interface. Now that you have an Android how do you make the transition easy and painless?

Contacts, Calendars and Notes
First is to sync all of your contacts on your iPhone to your Google account. Launch iTunes, click on your iPhone’s name then Info Tab, and tick on Sync Address Book Contacts and check Sync contacts with Google Contacts. Next step is for your Calendar and Notes, on your iPhone go to Settings/Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Add again your Gmail account for it to be sync.
Upon the first time boot up of any android device it will ask for your Google account.  But if you skip that part and opted to do it later, you could still add your account in Settings/Accounts and Sync/Add an Account. Then it will do the rest for you.

SMS Messages
What you can only do is to forward those that are important to you to your Gmail account. Unlike in Android you could back it up with Titanium Backup or with GoSMS.

Photos and Music
This is a Drag and drop procedure. After copying your files from your iPhone to your MAC or Windows via iTunes Launcher transfer it to your Android. Or you could also use Easy Phone Tunes  or double Twist Player to sync your music from iTunes to your Android device.

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