Sunday, July 31, 2011

Looking for Offline Dictionaries APK? I have a couple of them.

I love the concept of offline dictionaries, who wouldn't especially if it’s FREE! Offline Dictionaries by Nicolas GUILLAUME and Advance English Dictionary and Thesaurus works like a charm at times you begin scratching your head when confronted by unfamiliar words.

Upon installation you will be prompted that for the app to work offline it must download its database which is roughly at 97 MB (by Princeton University) so you should have a good wifi connection . Though additional dictionaries can be downloaded which support different languages from French to Russian (even translators). I must say that the database they’re using is at par.

What makes Advance English different from Offline dictionaries is the support for a widget "Word of the Day" which is interesting. It will continually enrich your vocabulary every day.  And it does not contain those annoying offline ads which appear on Offline dictionaries.

Download them: Offline dictionaries and/or Advanced English Dictionary and Thesaurus

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