Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Idol Steve Kondik has been Pirated by SAMSUNG

I think I must have been expecting this from Samsung’s gesture of giving free flagship phones to few people in the modding community (probably to lure them in vying offerers). Though I am using a ROM created by MIK, but Hey Steve Kondik is the founder, the starter of the MODs which I should be grateful of.

Just reckoning on how Steve reacted to Samsung’s proposal, it should have been ablaze. He is my friend on Facebook (beat that) and I really want to confirm it on his profile and there was “Software Engineer at Samsung Mobile. According to businessinsider, Steve is a proof that “you don’t need to graduate college to land a big job in tech and his reaction?

Steve Kondik is to handle those Android Related products as Samsung is not only engaged in phone business. According to an interview with him, “Samsung has nothing to do with CyanogenMod, and that should be that right?” he said. But you can’t stop people to think of bringing in the Cyanogen to Samsung mobile phones. Probably super high end phones!
Samsung is a tech giant where Steve will thrive into. Nevertheless, CyanogenMod Community will continue to serve its purpose which we loyalist are happy to know. Who knows what developments could this bring? As of the moment, I want to wish him Best of Luck and want to tell him do your best. Kudos Steve Kondik!

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