Saturday, August 6, 2011

New Android Market APK Download Here

Above is the new look of Android Market straight from my phone. The verdict? Google made a total overhaul and made an enticing looks for the app buyers to navigate into.


It’s not long since Google has updated the android market with its movie and ebook rental. And the next BIG change is going to be at your phone. Having a newly designed interface, my android market flaunts a vibrant and vivid homepage which I really love compared to the simple white background and green motifs. One drawback though, I noticed it’s a little bit heavier on the graphics than the previous version. This design is primarily intended for the Honeycomb and the upcoming Ice Cream Sandwich.

The Featured tab content continues to change every now and then and the top feature is color coded, green for the usual ones ‘cept for the movies (red basket) and books (blue). The appl listing as shown below shows a two column list which are categorically organized on a tab basis whether its top paid, top free etc.  What’s good in this is the floating bar that stays at the top whenever you scroll. Upon clicking on a single the preview pictures is easily loaded which I really appreciate being positioned on top of the description.


This update will surely be hitting your phone so to speak but for those who can’t wait, you can download the official version 3.0.27 here and manually install it.

Another thing that anyone could notice is that the panels resemble Windows Phone Home, doesn’t it?

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