Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Chomp SMS

Are you bored with the same default messaging application in your phone? How about trying this free app called chomp SMS. Its full of features i.e. chat-style bubbles, signatures, quick reply, templates, blacklisting, heaps of customization, and themes.


Add this widget to your homescreen to easily manage unread messages at your convenience.

Quick Compose

At your option you can enable this feature in the setting. Just press and hold search button to bring up the quick compose window. Also it works in multitasking.

User Interface Customization/Personalization

You can change the background to a plain color or to a gallery image.

Customize Notification

This app is not a complete substitute for the native messaging app and thus whatever incoming message you received will notify you in both apps. What to do is turn off the notification preference in the built-in messaging and only turn on the chompSMS notifications.


Are you annoyed with messages from ex-friends and unsolicited messages? ChompSMS can blacklist them.

Download here.

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