Thursday, June 23, 2011

Death Worm Android

The huge hit Iphone game Death Worm has just hit the Android. Its not actually a worm but a monster in the perspective of human on the game. Here you can play as the underground creature to wipe off the human race just like in the classic movie "Tremor".

Death Worm has three different game modes namely: Survival, Campaign, and Mini Games but basically the main objective is the same. Survival mode is an endless mode, just kill the most people and try to avoid the gunslingers and tanks. Campaign as the mode suggest lets you play from a start point and unlocking the next campaigns and arenas. Its a goal based like you need to kill 60 persons while trying to avoid bullets hell waiting for you to pop out of the ground. But whats weird is alien spaceship formed an alliance with humans to kill you. Its really an upside down world when your playing the role of the creature.

UFO formed an alliance with human.

In every mode, you'll find two power-ups, the nitro and fireball. Nitro lets your worm jump into the air to target the aviations. Needless to say, fireballs lets you throw fireballs from the worms mouth. But what is painful is that you have to gather three of the same orb power-ups to for you to use such.As the level progresses, you can get upgrades by giving you two options to choose from out of 5 attributes (worm size, speed, skin strength, nitro duration, and fireball level). This gives the player RPG experience.

The graphic is just like in the arcade games cartoonish but crisp and smooth. I don't know about you but this doesn't amaze my eyes. The humans are just too small that you have to keep your device close to your sight especially when you use the speed boost.

Nevertheless, if your up to being the villain that controls the enormous worm to bring mayhem, you will surely enjoy this app.

Watch the video:

Download here.

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