Sunday, June 26, 2011

Swype Beta APK

Android phones nowadays are full touchscreens which comes short when it comes to keyboard spacing. Thus, when it comes to typing accuracy, it can't beat the old school physical keyboard which comes with a solid feeling. With desperation to equal speed and accuracy, software developers has finally come with a solution so far, the Swype Beta which is intended for touchscreens with UI developed by Cliff Kushler.

Unlike other input system this app let you do it in a new way. By just merely gliding fingers from letter to letter, you will be able to form the word. I've been using swype myself when typing a document on my phone. I am impressed with its accuracy when predicting the words I wanted to type and the time that I usually take in composing message is reduced dramatically.

Swype will always attempt to pick the correct word based on your gesture and when it can’t quite decide – or you’ve crossed over several different letters which could create a wide range of words – then the selection box appears. Here you’ll find different word choices, just as you would with the stock Android keyboard’s suggestion box. But what keeps me from using it is that it doesn't support our language. It will only keep on suggesting words and would not meet the efficiency I am looking for. Especially here in the Philippines where people are finding ways (deliberately misspelling of words) to shorten their text messages just to get the most out of their penny. But I got nothing to lose I can still use it as a normal tap-tap keyboard.

In any case, it's really worth it when it comes to functionality and you should really consider Swype Beta as your default input method. It is highly recommendable software. Swype is currently only available by signing up for the public beta program via the official company site but an Android Market rollout is expected this month.

Why type when you can swype!

Update on Swype

The new Swype now supports gestures to launch applications just by swyping letters. For instance, “F” for Facebook, “T” for Twitter or anything you assigned for certain application.

Here's the official statement from Swype:

Here's the youtube video for the updates:

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