Monday, June 27, 2011

SlideIT 3.2

Another option for you to choose from is the SlideIT Keyboard just in case you're bored with the built-in keyboard or any keyboard that you've purchased. Though they call it as sliding, there's no actual difference when you "do" it compared to swyping. Lets take gander its features and see if there's a difference.

Users find this app as the easiest text entry method that is just touch the first letter of the word and glide your finger to the second, third and so forth. It will definitely take some time getting familiar but once you do, your input will dramatically plummet.

In every word you're trying to slide, suggestions will always appear on top of the keyboard which can be turned off. This serve as your selection box just in case that your word doesn't match with what you intend. Special characters, numbers, and symbols are brought up when you push the ?123 key; Cut/Copy/Paste, settings, and a little graffiti pad are available there as well. Still, accessing things like the question mark seem to take longer in this keyboard than in others (a simple long-press is available), or a lot of emoticons. :-( Thankfully, the period and the comma are both located on the main keyboard. The graffiti only does numbers and symbols for the present but hopefully they can do the letters as well.

It registered an 8.6MB usage of memory.

When keying in some tricky words like website, it is much better to use the ABC mode and do the traditional tapping of letters. Though I must say that this is actually useless. You can also do the tapping even when in Slide mode. Just like other keyboards, you can download languages that it supports.

One good feature about this app is the shortcut which you can customize to suit your taste. A list of shortcut/abbreviation is ready to be tailored at the settings and you can add more of your shortcuts. But this really doesn't work for me as I would have to be obliged to memorize what I set rather than just simply slide it.

SlideIT is a lot better than the built-in android keyboard when it comes to speed and accuracy. With a tag price of roughly $8 or Php 277.79 on the Android Market, its a little bit expensive. Fortunately, you can try the demo version here which is also full featured just for you to decide whether to go for the full version.

Watch the video for exploring the features of SlideIT:

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  1. I went from iPhone to Android specifically for Swype, but SlideIt is even better. The word picker bar is excellent, and the ability to switch to a standard keyboard on the fly is very helpful when you are type passwords with complex characters. I Love IT!


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