Monday, July 11, 2011

Inside CyanogenMod 7

Here's what a typical scenario when you make an open OS for phone, Cyanogen Community ripped the code of the Android System and start making changes, that is fixing bugs and adding innovative features. Though it only supports limited phone devices, it is surprisingly popular with Android Users. The reasons?

At first, Google reprimanded the developers (addressed to the founder, Steve Kondik) by issuing Cease and Desist letter last September 25, 2009. But the Android community responded with hostility challenging the Google's motto "don't be evil". Google was left no choice but to embrace MOD's.

After I tasted and got bored with the Froyo, I opted to try Cyanogenmod (by following the instruction on my blogAnd guess what, there's no reason not to love Cyanogen, aside from keeping you wait for Google's update by your phone manufacturer, it can bring optimization (performance tweaks ie. Over/underclocking and long battery life) and awesome look (themes, animations and wallpaper).

Lets start tweaking and take gander to the Cyanogen's offered features that will maximize your phone and/or money. It is designed to enhance your phone's performance. First go to CyanogenMod Settings and from there you will the following options:

Application Application configuration and their installation location
Display Screen 180 degrees rotation
Input General long-keypress behavior
Interface Widgets, Status bar, and overscrolling settings
Lockscreen Locked screen gestures and custom behavior
Performance Performance RAM tweaks – this is what I like (Always come with a Caveat)
Sound Sound level and Quiet hours
System CyanogemnMod Usage Reporting
Tablet Tweaks As the name suggests, tweaks available for tablets.
Screen Preferences Desktop layout and behavior
Drawer Settings Application drawer and visuals
General Behavior Sense-like Implementation, Closing folder options, etc
System preferences General system preferences for ADW Launcher
UI Settings
UI elements settings
Themes Preferences Themes selection for ADW Launcher
Backup and Store ADW Setting backup and restore
Probably you're asking is it safe? Despite of disclaimers for the installation, you can always revert back to the ROM version you were previously using so I could say it is totally safe. And from what I know, nobody has had a problem. Meanwhile, watch the video below for the visual demonstration:

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