Friday, July 29, 2011

Google’s Android able to gather 46.4% Market share in Smartphone

As the name of my blog suggests, android operating system has been accelerating in garnering its market share that no one has ever expected. According to ABI Research, Google manage to get a whopping 46.4% share. But translating that to units, Google announced that more than 550,000 phones are getting activated EVERY DAY! While the others share among themselves the rest of the pie, namely Nokia, Apple, Windows phone, Black Berry OS, and others.

Breaking down the Android Share into smartphone manufacturers:
1.       Samsung (34%) having the greatest smartphone today
2.       HTC (23%)
3.       Sony Ericson ( 11%)
4.       Others (Acer, Motorolla, Cherry Mobile) (20%)

I wonder how the pie will be divided for this Q3, can the Android defend itself from the upcoming Apples Iphone 5 release? It only depends on how the consumers think and preferences.


  1. Wow that'a amazing., aren't they giving us a treat?!

  2. Yah they will, the yummy dessert of ice cream sandwich.

  3. I still think that the Android system will continue to gain market share and unless Apple changes it's closed system, they will have to find a new way to gain customers.

  4. Thanks for this. You made me change my mind. I was about to buy an iPhone 4 but with this blog, i'd be buying an LG Optimus 2X instead.


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