Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tank Hero APK VS Tank Recon 3D Lite APK

Android Games now are really diverging out from 2D to 3D games. Two games that caught my attention is Tank Hero and Tank Recon 3D and reckon which one is better?

Both retains the basic goal - to kill most of the enemies and evade the cannon shells fired towards you and be the last tank standing.  If you’re up to a fast-paced tank game and an increasing difficulty, then this one is made for you.
Tank Hero
Tank Recon 3D
Game type
1st Person in 3D
1st Person in 3D

40 Different stages which at certain stages unlocks new world/battlefield
Equipped with unlimited shell that can ricochet only once to solid walls.

Unlimited shell but have to wait to load another shot
4 Different ammunitions available at survival mode - one that can pass through walls, diverging 3 bullets at the same time, and heat seeking missile
3 Heat seeking missile also available
Enemy Distinction
By color – 5 different types varying intelligence and weapon
By tank design
Control Interface
Virtual joystick that can be customized
Trigger by tapping on the screen

Virtual Joystick control
With dedicated fire button

Great sound effects

Only few which makes the game lifeless

Screen View
Top view
Turrets view

Playing with Tank Hero feels like with solely confined area but with really cool design. This brings adrenaline rush knowing that enemies are close by and ready to shoot at you whenever they get the chance. While in Tank Recon, it feels like a real war going on a dessert battlefield.

Because of the different weapon selection that you can have on Tank Hero which brings intuitive feeling, gamers tend to choose it over the Tank Recon. First bullet is the ricochet effective at blasting enemies by estimating the angle of deflection while having a wall as a shield. In Tank Recon 3D after firing your first shell it would take time for the tank to ready the next ammo.

Each enemy unit is also equipped with unique firing weapon but having the same goal that is to turn you into a pile of metals. One good thing about the color distinction is you will be able to target first the ones with a higher threat level. So it ain’t going to be easy to take out multiple tanks. Blue tanks are the easiest to kill, Gold tanks are quick which is more intelligent and Red Tanks can fire shells that pass through walls while some can plant mines.

When it comes to the control interface, Tank Hero’s trigger function is relatively easier to use at shooting enemies – by simply tapping on the area where you want to shoot. Compared to Tank Recon’s you have to aim the enemies first before firing – means enemy should be on sight.

In TR3D, tanks that are destroyed sometimes drop rockets, fuel or armor as an additional supply. One thing that this game compensates for the turret’s view is the Heads-up display. Red dots represent enemy unit and yellow are items dropped.

 In my opinion, Tank Hero turned Tank Recon 3D to smithereens though both are really good Android games. Plus Tank Hero is free and Tank Recon 3D costs $4.99 but they have a free version Tank Recon 3D Lite. Shoot and dodge is the key to be the last tank standing but sometimes frustration comes in at a level which is extremely difficult. And more world unlocked more fun compared to same terrain.

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