Friday, July 8, 2011

Samsung, an Advocate of Cyanogenmod Devs?

According to with an interview of CyanogenMod team member Kolja Dummann “After the [Galaxy S II] launched in Europe, we just asked about getting some of those phones. Samsung agreed.” If I would have to interpret Samsung's generosity by giving a free Samsung Galaxy S2 to the group , they are saying "you're welcome to install your ROM into our flagship phone". Come to think of it, this would be very good combination that can match a laptop's performance if not, a netbook at-least.

This is not the first time that the phone hackers community recieved a free phone though. It was already done by T-mobile last April. There were four units given and most probably Samsung's intention is to ask the Cyanogen community to create and build a stable and official version of CM7 for the SG2 which will all turn down to the main objective of Samsung, "business". Samsung has seen the potential of Cyanogen and just have to wait for an operating system that can make tweaks and customizations that would be difficult for phones with stocked OS. A perfect example would be cutomized builds ranging from visual details to overclocking CPUs.

Interesting as it sounds. Device manufacturers are jumping on the bandwagon for the sake of business. I am reckoning what would the other phone producers do. Will the Motorolla and HTC hand phones too or would they unlocked their bootloaders which limits the user's ability to customize their phones. As a matter of fact, HTC has been reportedly announced that it will no longer distribute phones with lock bootloader. Cyanogen's efforts is just starting to rip what they sow from the Google's Open OS.

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