Friday, July 1, 2011

Google Plus, is it a Facebook wanna be?

Just how many could Google get to try their social interactive app called Google plus? Who knows? But one thing for sure, android OS lovers will likely support and install it in their android devices. Currently Google plus is in test mode which aims to bring Circles, Sparks, Huddle, Hangouts. Circles is similar to social grouping in Facebook but every relationship differs in some aspect, so to speak, degree of closeness e.g. Family members, best friends, lover/s, etc.
The interface lets you add friends into circle just by dragging and dropping. It is Google's better-way of sharing since you already have groupings in Circle unlike in Facebook where you have to choose the persons whom you don't want something to share with.

"Sparks" feeds the users of web contents that falls within your interests, which you can then be shared with your friends or Circle of friends. Huddle, on the other hand, is a group messaging app for Circles while Hangouts is a group video chat app designed to be shared by up to 10 users.
Learn more about Google Plus via The Official Google Blog or you can try it now.

Obviously, this is the Google's attempt to get a piece of market share in the social networking. But can they really oust Facebook? Who knows? Only people can decide on which to patronize more. I myself is a Facebook user but I don't have any reason not to try Google+. What do you think?

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