Sunday, July 17, 2011

Facebook’s response to Google+:

What’s this Facebook modifications and revamped mean? Were they really got intimidated and started to get the situation upheld? Actions are to be interpreted at face value per se.

The changes were a sidebar widget that shows a real time updates and who' online list.

As of now Facebook has 500 active million user’s log every day on site. This is measured by ubiquitous  clicking of “like” and “recommend” button. But is this enough for them to be complacent for Google’s efforts response entering to the social media? Obviously not since Facebooks made some modifications.

Let’s face the fact that Facebook has certain advantages when it comes to advertising. Facebook knows personal information of its user whether they prefer Jollibee over McDo, whether they’re engaged and etc. By assimilating this information, Facebook’s ads can target prospects with precision like putting Louis Vitton to women aged 25 to 40 living in Manila. This pitch is what Google after for.
Anyway, people will not get bored of using Facebook, looking at friend’s uploaded photos, getting curious and read status updates and chatting or skype-ing instead.

Reaction Status of a FB user: "Dear FB. No one likes typing the names of the people they want to chat with on a Search box. Isn't the point of Facebook reconnecting with random people that you usually wouldn't talk to?"

Fortunately Facebook listened to this comment and brought back the old chat box.
Another thing that Android Users are getting experienced is the way their status updates are published. Instead of "via Android", what is being published is "via Facebook Mobile".

Reaction Status of FB users: "It seems like there is one common issue with the new version! WE want'Facebook via ANDROID' BACKKKKKKK!

bring back facebook for android!!!!

it really doesn't include the via android thingy... so still sucks!!! daman...

We want "Via Android" + the logo!"

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