Sunday, August 7, 2011

Movie Rental and eBooks Fresh on Android Market

If you are already done with applications and things just feel the same old stories, try watching movies on your gadget or at your TV as the case maybe. Or simply have the peace of serenity while reading books that suit your taste.

Scrolling into the Movies you’ll notice that each one has a varying rate (I wish it has some free rentals just like free apps). Thirty days are given for you to view the movie you’ve downloaded (but not limited to one viewing) which starts from the first time you open and watch it. A requirement though to do this is the official Google app “Videos.” Download it here. If your phone supports HDMI you can watch it on the big screen.
Let’s move onto books. What I hate about physical books is that it’s an additional hassle that can add up to your stress. Thankfully eBooks are here. With the same manner on how the apps and games are organized, ebooks can be viewed in the category of top selling or top free. After downloading a book you’ll need the official Google “Books” to open it start reading. You can download it here.

A bottle of emotion awaits, enjoy movie rentals and books at its best at the palm of your hands.

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