Sunday, August 7, 2011

Reasons to Replace your iPhone with an Android

Okay, if somebody gave you an iPhone and Google bribe you with an Android device, what’s your going to be your call? I’ll present points why you should ditch your iPhone with an Android.

1.     Most android devices are of higher end than the iPhone. Take for example Samsung Galaxy S2, it makes iPhone screen appears small and even a little drab, iPhones screen looks pale (Samsung Galaxy S2 Superamoled), leaves the iPhone in the dust with its dual core processor.
2.     iPhones looks the same and identical to the previous series when Android devices comes in different forms and designs, leaving persons to have a variety of choices i.e. variety of character that can suit the anybody’s personal taste.
3.     Google’s map is an undeniably can’t be ignored when talking about mobility. This is can perform at par with any GPS devices out there and aid those persons who easily get lost in a new terrain.
4.     Other Google’s app namely Gmail, Google Voice, Google places, and Google talk when latched at its own platform, expect a better service than the competitors’ handling of this app.
5.     Another cool feature with the Android OS is the widget. Facebook, Google+, or even the Messaging app itself can be displayed at your home screen, this is where iPhone found lacking. iPhones can only put shortcuts.
6.     Customization at its best, Android devices can be personalized by its user with almost no limit from themes to application launchers. Android’s tweak can be at its full potential when rooted which can be done by anybody.
7.     Android can be at car mode or desk mode which really comes handy especially while driving when icons have to be large enough for easy access (Stay safe don’t use cellphones while driving).
8.     Voice control which requires connection can be used to enter a text message, search in the web, or apps.
9.     Applications coming from outside sources can be installed in an Android while iPhones have a strict rules unless its jailbroken.
It’s your call. Freedom or stay behind the bars. Just in case you changed your mind visit this to help you at the transition.

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