Thursday, August 11, 2011

Protect your Android and You with Antivirus APK’s

Whenever a new technology gets developed, crooks are always on the wait to strike. Because of the openness characteristics and its popularity, Androids are becoming the targets of cybercriminals. Good thing mobile security developers are here to offer you enough assurance to shield you from these cyber crooks.

Have your self protected with these APK’s:
Lookout Mobile Security – FREE (219,000 Downloads)

This award winning app can protect you from phishing, malware and spyware without compromising the batteries’ life. According to Lookout Inc. this app only consumes in a day equivalent to 33 second phone call. Running on background, this app can have a real time protection. It can even locate your phone if someone stole it on a Google map. The main advantage of this its speed and automatic self updating feature. This is upgradable to Premium version.

AVG Antivirus Free  (132, 828 Downloads)

Partnered with Droid Security, AVG offers those features of Lookout Premium version such as Remote Lock and Wipe, Secure Browsing. Though, this keeps the Lookout’s main feature - real time scanner and phone locator. This also comes with Applocker with pass words which I find weird because who would get interested in apps when the phone is the primary target. This review could have been better if they provided the power consumption.

Norton’s PC Protection has just been lent to the android world to combat these cybercriminals. Its features are almost the same with AVG Antivirus with some additions and omissions. This app doesn’t come with an app locker. What would be interesting is that it instantly locks your phone if someone removed the SIM card it recognizes thus precluding him to use your phone with other SIM cards.

McAfee WaveSecure (Trial 7 Days) (9,892 Downloads)

A wholly owned subsidiary of Intel, McAfee is the Largest Security Technology Company. I don’t know about you but I am not willing to shed for $ 19.99 every year when there are free options that can do the same operations. But McAfee could have the largest database record in terms of recognizing threats.


So those are your options that you could try. Have your android protected!

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