Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Offline Maps on Google Maps 5.7

Who would not want to view a map when exigencies arise anytime without the need of connection?  It seems that Google listened to users request for downloadable maps. This development would be highly appreciated especially by heavy travelers.

At times where data usage is not free expensive otherwise, Google is now helping you to save those future data expense. Downloads on this new feature of the new version can extend up to 10 miles (radius) from a given location. However since it is only a saved data, routes and navigation by Google can’t be done. So this is just equivalent to using a normal map on paper. But who knows what Google is planning on improving its services and we just have to wait for further developments.
So how do we do it? Just long press a location and address will pop up. Press the arrow button and a list of option will appear. pick the "Download map area". It will only take one or two minutes for it to finish. Remember it will only capture a 10 mile radius map which the app will show by a square which is very helpful to know where to start the next download if you are going out of the country.

For you to better understand on how to do it, watch the video below:

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