Saturday, August 20, 2011

Launcher 7 APK, Have a taste of Windows Phone UI on your Android

WP7 UI onto Android platform.

There will always be this day that you will just get bored with something (This is called Law of Marginal Returns). In an effort to spice things up, I’ve tried launchers on my Android and what caught my attention is Launcher 7 which really does a good job at emulating Windows Phone UI. While some of you would just want to have a taste of Windows Phone but don’t wanna leave their Android experience, this app is made for you.

Timo Kujala really did a good job at copying Windows UI with this app on Android. With the simplicity it offers, the launcher is fast and respond to my commands quickly. Let us delve up to its minute features.

Home Screen and Drawer

This app comes with a preloaded tiles (default green) – Phone, Messaging, Internet, Gmail, Music, Market, Contacts and Videos. The tiles can be made opaque with a varying level of opacity. At your preference, the application per tiles can be customized triggered by a long press. Swiping to the right (or pressing the arrow), you will have your drawer of applications alphabetically listed (can be customized back to Android drawer). If you are on a hurry and find scrolling a bit of a hassle, navigation is a breeze. Just press the search button on your device and a tiled alphabet will appear, by choosing the letter which your app starts with will bring you to the app you’re looking for. Any application can be pinned to the home screen by a long press and an option will appear as to how you want the tile look like – tile color and size, custom icon or application icon and etc. I usually use the custom icon to make it more look like WP7 thought not each of application has an available custom icon.



If you have a widget that you wanted to keep, any widget can be accommodated to the home screen by pressing menu and Add Widget. What I don’t like in adding widgets is that they don’t fit snugly to the tile but it still serves its purpose.


Launcher 7 is perfect for persons who prefer to be minimalistic and simple, and find the stock UI as hugger mugger. Even I enjoy using the simple user interface as well as the fun using it (fooling my friends that I bought WP7). Not all features are available to every phone (e.g. Live Tiles are not available to my Optimus One). Try the free version now or the paid ad-free version.

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