Friday, August 12, 2011

Cut the Rope APK A Must-Have App

This one is just fresh from the Market created by Zeptolab that puts you into your thinking cap with your objective to feed your pet Om Nom with a sweet treat. This adorable little critter will be just sitting around for you make a way to put the candy into his mouth. What a lazy pet he is.

This challenging physics puzzle can be really addictive as new levels offers new things to use or avoid from even getting perfect 3 stars is not that easy. Let’s have a walk through.

Most contraptions in each level tell you by itself on how to make your way through in feeding Om Nom. Each box consists of 25 levels with an increasing difficulty. For example, bubbles appear in a level that makes the candy float air cushions that blow the candy where you need it to go, or spikes that candy should be kept away from.

There are “world” of boxes that gets unlock when prior boxes are finished or certain number of stars are collected. The boxes are named as follows: Cardboard Box, Fabric Box, Foil Box, Magic Box (need 170 stars to unlock), Valentine Box (need 240 stars to unlock), Gift Box (need 300 stars to unlock), Cosmic Box (need 350 stars to unlock). The first box Cardboard Box will just introduce you to the game mechanics which is relatively easy. By swiping your finger, cut the series of ropes where the candy is attached and getting most of the stars. Just make sure that the candy lands to your pet’s mouth.

Cut the Rope is a game that’s worth playing if you’re up to short bursts or just a plain puzzle enthusiast like me. This game bets it can hook you up with its simplicity and entertainment it offers. Download it here for only $1.00

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  1. Perfect time killer and its very challenging as well! highly recommended to EVERYONE! you wont regret it! its an amazing game


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