Thursday, August 11, 2011

Threats to Android? What are those?

The proliferation of android devices, from phones to tablets, does come without any restrictions, in this case Malwares. With its openness and cybercriminals at large, androids are becoming an eye candy to them. Know what you can do to prevent these creeps from you mobile uses.

Not limited to apps but more likely, cybercriminals can plant their scheme through various techniques. One of which is by redirecting you to a fake android market and Malvertise, or upgrade attacks where users will initially download a clean app and later upgrades deploy malware.

So what danger does a malware poses you? Without your consent, this malware can sign you up for the Cybercriminal’s text messaging services (GGTracker). The worst case scenario could be malwares access to your most sensitive data such as credit card numbers, online banking or email account credentials (Geinimi Trojan) where this malware can freely send these information to its creator. Zsone Trojan can record your phone calls and disseminate it to expose you as an embarrassment. What are the usual signs of malware infection? This includes strange text messages which are unsolicited. This could be the result of malware access to communicate to its perpetrator without your knowledge.

Of course the safest way to protect you from these infiltrations is to have genuine and bona fide apps straight from Android Market. Take a look of mobile security apps and try that best suits you.

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