Thursday, August 25, 2011

Primadesk APK

Twitters, Facebook, Email, Flickr, and etc. whatever you may have, Primadesk can handle all of them and manage it for you. It can even transfer your photos from one social media to another e.g. FB to Twitters.  Get to know what this free app can offer you.

Whenever you try to save on your hard drives memory by saving contents to personal cloud (e.g. uploading pictures to FB or Google+, Google services such as Google Docs), manageability becomes an issue when having a too many accounts in different sites. These are the features of Primadesk that can help you easily manage your cloud content:

1.       Backup your contents online and have the recovery ready at your will.
2.       File Management Function. One search term and it shows results from your different web based accounts (Google email, Google Docs, and etc.). Manage your online documents (Dropbox or SugarSync) from a single interface.
3.       Email accounts consolidation. Primadesk can be accessed and used as a regular email with a special feature as an email manager of your different accounts from a different service provider.
4.       With a similarity in Google+, uploading files, photos or documents is just by drag and drop whether coming from your phone’s memory or from your online photo services (Flickr or Photobucket) and/or between Social Network Sites (Facebook to Twitters).
5.       Single Sign-On. The best part is you don’t have to log to each of your accounts for social networking, email, and photo services. Primadesk once integrated with your different accounts provides several layers in securing login information and passwords.

When things get out of control, Primadesk is here to catch you to take control of your personal cloud. But before anything else you have to create an account, you can do this through your phone or PC. Then you can now add accounts that you use which as of the moment the service is limited to the following:

As of the latest version, it only supports photo handling but hopefully subsequent versions can handle other content types (email, documents, etc.). Nevertheless, the desktop version fully meets what they claimed they can. Download it here and create your account here.

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