Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Transitioning from iPhone to Android

When looking at an iPhone and an Android phones these days, it seems that each of its hardwares and OS looks are almost at par. But you’ll never know the differences once you get to use one of each. Aside from being a closed system, iPhone has an almost strict interface. Now that you have an Android how do you make the transition easy and painless?

Contacts, Calendars and Notes
First is to sync all of your contacts on your iPhone to your Google account. Launch iTunes, click on your iPhone’s name then Info Tab, and tick on Sync Address Book Contacts and check Sync contacts with Google Contacts. Next step is for your Calendar and Notes, on your iPhone go to Settings/Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Add again your Gmail account for it to be sync.
Upon the first time boot up of any android device it will ask for your Google account.  But if you skip that part and opted to do it later, you could still add your account in Settings/Accounts and Sync/Add an Account. Then it will do the rest for you.

SMS Messages
What you can only do is to forward those that are important to you to your Gmail account. Unlike in Android you could back it up with Titanium Backup or with GoSMS.

Photos and Music
This is a Drag and drop procedure. After copying your files from your iPhone to your MAC or Windows via iTunes Launcher transfer it to your Android. Or you could also use Easy Phone Tunes  or double Twist Player to sync your music from iTunes to your Android device.

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